The completion of round 6 of the Alberta Triple Crown at Cold Lake marks the end of the 2016 Triple Crown race season. Some close racing in a tight points series landed Concept built RZR’s on the podium in all classes! We would like to thank the Alberta Triple Crown Series for once again going above and beyond to bring us a truly awesome season of UTV racing. Big congratulations to all of Concept’s team riders (CD) for an epic season!

UTV unlimited-
1st place Al McBeth (CD)
2nd place Scott Kreiser (CD)
3rd place Mark Meyer

UTV Production-
1st place Richard Bernard (CD)
2nd place Sheldon Warwick (CD)
3rd Place Jesse Madding

UTV Beginner
1st place Robert Coates
2nd place Danny Keith (CD)
3rd place Cameron Raines (CD)

UTV Mini
1st place Jade Pahl (CD)
2nd place Kolton Wickberg
3rd place Rowen Wright

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