ELKA STAGE 4 Snowmobile shock

Product Description


The Stage 4 model is a more affordable version of our top-end Stage 5 model, with which it shares most of the same components. The only difference is it is not adjustable in high-speed compression damping but rather features a unique factory-set internal high-speed compression blow-off circuit to relieve peak pressure upon impacts to achieve similar performance with factory-set damping resistance.


  • Fully adjustable high performance product
  • Designed for racing applications and aggressive riding
  • Perfect choice for riders looking for complete control of their suspension


Threaded Spring Preload

PreloadLets the rider fine-tune the initial force applied on the springs and precisely balance the weight distribution across the front skis and rear track while setting up the ride height (ground or chassis clearance) and to lower or raise the sled to adapt to various situations or to suit your personal preference. Turn the preload adjustment ring clockwise (from top of the shock) to increase preload and raise the sled or turn counter-clockwise to reduce preload and lower the sled.

Low-Speed Compression

LSC-Stage5Allows fine-tuning of the damping resistance when the shock is being compressed slowly. This adjustment controls body roll and inside ski lift when cornering, rear-end squatting under hard acceleration, front-end diving when braking, riding over moguls at moderate speed, undulations and elevation changes in the terrain. Turn the red knob clockwise to increase damping resistance, therefore making the suspension stiffer or turn counter-clockwise to reduce damping resistance, therefore making the suspension softer.




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