Stage 1 / 1+R Shock Absorbers (FRONT) for Snowmobiles


Product Description

The Stage 1 and Stage 1+R snowmobile shocks are a de-tuned declination of our new Stage 5 snowmobile platform. These shocks feature the same components and technology, only with slightly less adjustments to mess with. They are ultra lightweight and make the perfect choice for rider looking to reduce the weight of their machine without compromising performance and comfort.

The Stage 1 model is our most affordable choice for the rear or center position. With no external adjustments, it is the easiest to use; simply install and forget it. The Stage 1+R comes with a simple to use rebound adjustment which helps dial-in your ride for maximum traction and plushness. Both models also come in coilover (with springs) or non-coilover (no springs) versions for the rear or center position, according to your sled’s needs.


  • Spring Preload (coilover version only)
  • Rebound Damping (Stage 1+R model only)

Why buy this model

  • Lightest shock absorbers we offer, either for front, center or rear applications
  • Simple and easy to use model, install you are done!
  • Increases performance and comfort for any type of riding in any snow conditions
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