403 | Mesh UTV | Matte Black



Product Description

The Mesh UTV is a non-beadlock UTV offering. With similar styling to the 406 UTV Beadlock, the Mesh UTV is available in a Matte Black finish with replaceable stainless steel decorative bolts around the outer lip and a screw-on hub cover. Applications range from 12”-14” with varying widths and offsets based on desired fitment and vehicle setup.


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Additional Information

Size /Bolt Pattern /Offset spacing

12X7 4X110mm 38/5+2, 12X7 4X115mm 13/5+2, 12X7 4X136mm 38/5+2, 12X7 4X136mm 13/4+3, 12X7 4X156mm 13/4+3, 12X8 4X156mm 0/4+4, 14X7 4X110mm 38/5+2, 14X7 4X115mm 38/5+2, 14X7 4X136mm 38/5+2, 14X7 4X136mm13/4+3, 14X7 4X156mm 38/5+2, 14X8 4X156mm 0/4+4, 14X10 4X156mm -2/5+5

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