405 UTV Beadlock



Product Description

he 405 UTV Beadlock is the premier wheel for the serious racer or enthusiast. The wheel includes a forged 6061 beadlock ring along with Grade 8 Zinc plated mounting hardware. This matte black wheel and ring is available from 14”-15” and has a load rating of 1600 lbs.


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Additional Information


Matte Black, Bronze

Size| Bolt Pattern|Offset Spacing

14X7 4X110mm 13/4+3, 14X7 4X110mm 38/5+2, 14X7 4X136mm 13X4+3, 14X7 4X136mm 38/5+2, 14X7 4X156mm 13/4+3, 14X7 4X156mm 38/5+2, 15X7 4X115mm 13/4+3, 15X7 4X136mm 13/4+3, 15X7 4X136mm 38/5+2, 15X7 4X156mm13/4+3, 15X7 4X156mm 38/5+2

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