Universal Quick Release Fire Extinguisher Mount



Product Description

Our quick release anodized billet fire extinguisher mounts allow you to carry a fire extinguisher with style and functionality. The adjustable clamp set-up allows for you to mount this important piece of equipment on nearly any size cage. The 1 pull-pin design means you will have quick and easy access even when the pressure is on. Legal for racing and great for playing, don’t go riding without one! Features:

  • Multi size tube fitment (1 3/4 “& 2”)
  • 1 Pull-pin release
  • Uses 2.5 pound fire extinguisher size (sold separately)
  •  Black anodized finish
  • Torture tested to withstand off road abuse
  • Designed for 3″ diameter extinguishers

Additional Information


1 3/4″, 2″

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