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EVP is proud to offer another option to our arsenal of exhausts for the Can Am Maverick X3 – The “Captain’s Choice”. The Captain’s Choice slip on is a cut out style exhaust and is only slightly louder than as the OEM with the cut out valve closed, but with it open, you will hear the 3 cylinder Rotax engine sing! The built in house, 304 stainless steel muffler has two pathways inside – a boost actuated exhaust valve controls whether the exhaust has to go through the quiet channel, or the second path which is a straight pipe through the muffler. The cutout valve can be operated two ways: An EVP supplied connection and hose that supplies boost pressure directly to the valve. This is the simplest installation and opens the cutout valve at approximately 5 PSI of boost. Below 5 PSI and the valve is closed and the exhaust is quiet. The second is with an EVP supplied adjustment valve. This allows for the valve to remain closed regardless of boost pressure (for sound sensitive areas, or rides with the family), or adjust the point at which the valve opens. Detailed instructions are included.

The X3 Captains Choice has installation options as well – with or without the OEM rear valence. With the factory rear valence option, the exhaust comes with a water jetted and powder coated aluminum block off plate for the factory exhaust hole. The plate can be powder coated any of the Can Am X3 colors. This option also comes with a template for minor side trimming of the OEM rear valence where the exhaust pipes exit the EVP muffler. If you choose not to reuse the OEM valence, the exhaust comes with an aluminum heat shield which gives the rear of the X3 a nice finished look. The heat shield can also be powder coated any of the Can Am X3 colors. See pictures for installation differences.

Our exhausts are proudly made in the USA in Phoenix, AZ and are constructed of the finest TIG welded 304 Stainless Steel. No other manufacturer builds exhausts like we do. Most other manufacturers buy exhaust mufflers from China and weld on pipes to make them fit. Our mufflers are custom made for each application with construction and packing designed to last the life of your vehicle.

Slip on TIG Welded, 304 Stainless Steel exhaust
First in the industry production “Cut Out” Style Exhaust for the Maverick X3
Color matched accessories to match your vehicle!
Made in the USA by American Craftsman
Up to 6 additional horsepower with the cut out open (depending upon tune)
Simple installation with detailed instructions included
Spark arrestors included
No electrical wiring required!


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Additional Information


2017, 2018, 2019


2 seat, 4 seat

Cutout Options

Simple Installation-Boost pressure opening of Valve at approximately 5 psi-NON Adjustable, Control Valve Adjustable Operation($62.95)

Installation Options

With OEM Rear Valence(includes EVP exhaust hole block off plate, Without OEM Valence (Include EVP muffler heat Shield)

Block off Plate or Heat Shield Color Choice

Black, Can Am Yellow, Can Am Platnium, Can Am Red

EVT Cat ByPass Pipe

EVT Cat ByPass($606.95), NO

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